S. Bachmann, Tatsuo Sakai, W. Kriz (auth.), Thomas Carlyle's Urinary System PDF

By S. Bachmann, Tatsuo Sakai, W. Kriz (auth.), Thomas Carlyle Jones D.V.M., D.Sc., Ulrich Mohr M.D., Ronald Duncan Hunt D.V.M. (eds.)

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The foreign lifestyles Sciences Institute (ILSI) was once estab­ lished to stimulate and aid medical study and edu­ cational courses in food, toxicology, and nutrients secure­ ty; and to inspire cooperation in those courses between scientists from universities, undefined, and govt with the intention to facilitate the solution of health and wellbeing and questions of safety. The officials and trustees of ILSI think that questions re­ garding well-being and safeguard are top resolved while govern­ ment and depend upon medical investigations, analy­ ses, and studies by means of self sufficient specialists. This strategy is furthered through the exam and dialogue of concerns on a global foundation. ILSI is happy to sponsor this set of monographs at the pathology of laboratory animals. This undertaking jointly brings jointly the main complete details on non-neoplastic and neoplastic lesions that ensue in com­ monly used laboratory animals. The overseas compo­ sition of the authors, editors, and editorial board who've contributed to those monographs strengthens our expecta­ tions that realizing and cooperation might be energy­ ened around the globe via this series.

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The cells lining the Bowman's Unique Features of Anatomy, Histology, and Ultrastructure, Kidney, Mouse capsule in mice were noted by Yamada (1955 a, 1955b) to be different by electron microscopy from the cells overlying the visceral tuft, but the capsular cells were not described. The ultrastructure of the proximal convoluted tubules (excluding the most distal part) of the adult mouse kidney was described by Sj6strand and Rhodin (1953), who characterized the cells as being divided into three parts, the apical, intermediate, and basal zones.

Arey (1967) stated that the cell types are anatomically distinct but h~ve a common origin. Other investigators (pfetffer et al. 1940) suggested an alternative origin, that is, cells from the proximal tubule migrate to the capsular site. Fig. 23. Kidney, BALBI c ovariectomized female mous~, age unknown; given a pelIet conta~n~ng testosterone ~rop~­ onate in cholesterol. Note masculImzed capsular epithelIum in continuity with celIs of proximal convoluted tubule. (arrow) . e cuboidal epithelium represents a fetal type of eptthelium that is a result of arrested development (Risak 1928).

Proc Soc Exp Bioi Med 42: 688-689 Gorgas K (1978) Structure and innervation of the juxtaglomerular apparatus of the rat. Adv Anat Embryol Cell Bioi 54: 3-83 (English abstract) Grantham JJ (1971) Mode of water transport in mammalian renal collecting tubules. Fed Proc 30: 14-21 Grantham JJ, Burg MB (1966) Effect of vasopressin and cyclic AMP on permeability of isolated collecting tubules. Am J Physiol211: 255-259 Hansen GP, Tisher CC, Robinson RR (1980) Response of the collecting duct to disturbance of acid-base and potassium balance.

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Urinary System by S. Bachmann, Tatsuo Sakai, W. Kriz (auth.), Thomas Carlyle Jones D.V.M., D.Sc., Ulrich Mohr M.D., Ronald Duncan Hunt D.V.M. (eds.)

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