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By Howard B. Wilson, Louis H. Turcotte, David Halpern

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The particular solution is given by X(t) = real(F exp(i ω t)) with F = (f1 − if2 )/(k − m ω 2 + i c ω). The initial conditions given by this particular solution are X(0) = real(F ) and X (0) = real(i ω F ). The characteristic equation for the homogeneous equation is m s2 + c s + k = 0 which has roots s1 = (−c + r)/(2m), s2 = (−c − r)/(2m), r = c2 − 4m k. Then the homogeneous solution has the form u(t) = d(1) exp(s1 t) + d(2) exp(s2 t) where d = [1, 1; s1 , s2 ] \ [x0 − X(0); v0 − X (0)] and the complete solution is x(t) = u(t) + X(t).

2) The deßection curve at a particular time t 0 is expressed as y(x, t0 ), 0 < x < l. 3) The motion history at a particular point x 0 is y(x0 , t), t ≥ 0. The nature of F (x) implies that the motion has a period of 2l/a. Waves striking the boundary are reßected in inverted form so that for any time y(x, t + l/a) = −y(x, t). 67, 1], yd = [0, 0, −1, 0, 0]. The program reads the wave speed, the string length, and data points specifying the initial deßection. The solution is evaluated for a range of x, t values.

Differentiating again leads to dV dv ˆ ˆ = acceleration = T + κv 2 N dt dt so the acceleration involves a tangential component with magnitude equal to the time rate of change of speed, and a normal component of magnitude κv 2 directed toward the center of curvature. The torsion is only encountered when the time derivative of acceleration is considered. This is seldom of interest in Newtonian mechanics. ˆ B, ˆ κ, and τ in terms of R (t), A function crvprp3d was written to evaluate Tˆ , N, R (t), and R (t).

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