Download e-book for kindle: Acute Renal Failure: Pathophysiology, Prevention, and by Vittorio E. Andreucci (auth.), Vittorio E. Andreucci (eds.)

By Vittorio E. Andreucci (auth.), Vittorio E. Andreucci (eds.)

ISBN-10: 146129794X

ISBN-13: 9781461297949

ISBN-10: 1461328411

ISBN-13: 9781461328414

`No doubt than it good merits its position within the library of the younger and no more younger nephrologists either normally within the scientific perform or in research.'
Nephron (1986)
`The booklet is an up to date and precious compendium of present wisdom within the medical administration of acute renal failure.'
Journal of the Royal Society of medication, seventy eight (1985)

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Their release is due to de novo synthesis, and their effects are exerted close to their sites of synthesis [184J. This accounts for the compartimentation of the synthesis of different PGs. Thus, even though PGI 2 , the unstable vasodilator and anti-aggregating compound, would appear as a trivial PG in a whole kidney preparation, its synthesis on a regional basis is very important considering the functional role played in the renal cortex {269]' While PGE 2 and PGF 2a are, in fact, the predominant "classical" PGs synthesized both in the cortex and in the medulla (the more active PGE 2 is transformed into PGF 2a by 9-ketoreductase), PGI 2 (prostacyclin) is the PG produced predominantly by cortical arteries and arterioles [266J, suggesting its primary role in regulating renal vascular tone in the renal cortex [267].

The JGA is undoubtedly involved in this mechanism, since the glomerular response to chronic tubule blockade does not occur in the Necturus kidney, the JGA of which is poorly developed without a macula densa [241}. It seems that the signal initiating this slowacting TGF is not given by the increase in diameter andlor in pressure in the loop of Henle (it occurs, in fact, also in case of proximal tubule blockade), nor by the increase in pressure in Bowman's space (it occurs also with a hole in the tubule proximal to the blockade site), but by a decrease in fluid delivery to the macula densa {237}.

D. Sodium concentration has been found significantly increased in the early distal tubular fluid in rats after experimental renal 1. PATHOPHYSIOLOGY OF ACUTE RENAL FAILURE e. f. g. h. 1. ischemia {220} and in rats with UN-induced ARF {25, 26}, suggesting an activation of TGF. Renin activity has been found to be increased in individual JGAs of rats with either hemorrhagic hypotension or renal hypoperfusion due to aortic clamping {221}, with post-ischemic ARF {l25, 211}, with glycerol-induced ARF {222}, with UN-induced ARF {25, 26, 223}, or with HgClr induced ARF {223}.

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Acute Renal Failure: Pathophysiology, Prevention, and Treatment by Vittorio E. Andreucci (auth.), Vittorio E. Andreucci (eds.)

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