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An international heritage of Tax Rebellions is an exhaustive reference resource for over 4,300 years of riots, rebellions, protests, and warfare prompted via abusive taxation and tax amassing platforms all over the world. all of the chronologically prepared entries specializes in a selected historic occasion, studying its roots, and socio-economic context.

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This rapacity included Ataxerxes III’s confiscation of sacred treasures from the Egyptian temples. Trigger and his colleagues draw the conclusion that as a result of this grasping administration, “armed rebellion once more raised its head in the form of the revolt of the enigmatic Khabbash”—or at least that appears a distinct possibility. In any event, hated Persian policies caused the Egyptians to welcome conquest by Alexander the Great in late 332. , Ancient Egypt: A Social History. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1983.

Jones, The Later Roman Empire, 284–602, vol. 2. Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 1964. Susan Raven, Rome in Africa, new ed. London and New York: Longman, 1984. Tax Farming, a system of tax collection common in antiquity that frequently resulted in excessive levies by the collecting agent. Tax farming was widespread as an alternative to creating a government agency or bureaucracy with the responsibility for collecting taxes. A tax farmer purchased from the government— usually through bidding at an auction—a contract to collect taxes or other levies in a specific region during a specific time period.

240–237 BC Mercenary War(Carthage, North Africa), not a tax revolt as such but an example of how rebels angered by taxation may abet and prolong a war in progress, in this case the war of Carthage’s mercenary soldiers against the Carthaginians. The First Punic War (264–241 BC) formed the prelude to the Mercenary War. This struggle between the forces of Rome and Carthage, largely fought for control of Sicily, finally came to en end with Rome decisively victorious at sea. Carthage sued for peace; ceded control of Sicily, the Aegates Islands, and Lipara to Rome; and agreed to pay Rome an indemnity of 3200 talents over a period of ten years.

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