A Sourcebook of Titanium Alloy Superconductivity - download pdf or read online

By E.W. Collings

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In below twenty years the concept that of supercon­ In each box of technology there are one or ductivity has been remodeled from a laboratory contributors whose commitment, mixed with an innate interest to usable large-scale purposes. within the realizing, allows them to be capable of grab, past due 1960's the concept that of filamentary stabilization condense, and clarify to the remainder of us what that published the usefulness of 0 resistance into the sector is all approximately. For the sector of titanium alloy market, and the commercial forces that force tech­ superconductivity, such anyone is Ted Collings. nology quickly all in favour of niobium-titanium alloys. They His heritage as a metallurgist has might be given him are ductile and therefore fabricable into useful tremendous­ a different virtue in realizing superconduc­ undertaking wires that experience the severe currents and tivity in titanium alloys as the optimization of fields worthy for large-scale units. greater than superconducting parameters in those alloys has been ninety% of all present-day purposes of superconductors nearly completely metallurgical. merits in use titanium alloys. The force to optimize those education and innate talents though, it's alloys ended in a flood of analysis that has been the author's commitment that's the crucial com­ gathered, condensed, and analyzed during this volume.

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The field at the foot of the curve. field for which J c becomes independent to the magnetic field. J c was measured as function of applied field. HC3 ;s the (ac); ac plus cold rolled 2:1 (cr); Arc melted and cast. 5, 25 1 Numerical analysis < 40 at. % 0 and H surface and transport currents parallel theory. HC2 was detenni ned magnet; ca lly. HC3 was obtained from the results of Jc{H) measurement in the following way: with Purity: faces electrolytically pol ished. J s ' the critical surface current.

C:: =! :>0 rn -I > -c :: n o N 25 at. % 20 wt. ~Io The same as above Range Concentrati on TABLE 1-6 a-phase is an effective flux pinner, but less so than w-phase. g. about 104 A cm- 2 at 25 kOe after 4-1/4h/400"C) much less than those for optimized Zr-Nb and Ti-Nb. The pioneer work on the effect of heat tY'eat- 45 kOe in a study of the effect of w-phase and a-phase precipitation on crit i ca 1 current dens Hy. 6h/100QLlC. quenched; cold-rolled cut and shaped; recrystallized 2h/80QoC, quenched.

4%) and Solution Homogen i zed 72h/ lQ40°C in 10- 6 Torr. pu rifi ed He. -Nb,-Mo Ti-V-Cr (1959) [Ma t59] Ti -Re (1969) Ti -Cr was sufficiently broad as to occupy the entire measuring temperature range and extremely incomplete. %); a somewhat Electrical resistance measurements were also conducted over the range of the expected superconducting transition. further details refer to Table 1-4. X). Agarwal [Luh70] T. S. Luhman Same as An extensive study of the effects of aging at 'U300"C and aging plus upquenching.

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