Download e-book for iPad: A Short History of Chinese Philosophy by Yu-lan Fung, Derk Bodde

By Yu-lan Fung, Derk Bodde

The vintage chronicle of chinese language philosophical inspiration from the 3rd millennium to the 20 th century.

From the sage-kings of old China to the 1911 overthrow of the oldest monarchical approach on the earth, chinese language philosophy has developed and stimulated colleges of idea worldwide. In an obtainable voice, A brief background of chinese language Philosophy in actual fact illuminates Confucianism, Taoism, Mohism, Yin-Yang, and extra. For these drawn to philosophy or Asian reviews, this is often the proper window into historic and smooth chinese language ideology.

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Moreover, there appears to i: be no similarity between the teaching of the School of Namcs and the functions of the Ministry of Ceremonies, save that both emphasized the making of distinctions. : fOil! I I I A Revision of Liu Hsin's Theory Yet though the details of Liu Hsins's theory may be wrong, his , atte"mpt to trace the origin of the schools to certain political and THE ORIGIN OF THE SCHOOLS 35 social circumstances certainly represents a right point of view. I have quoted him al length because his description of the various schools is itsclf a classic in Chinese historiography.

But to slly,this 28 A SHORT HISTORY OF CHINESE PIIILOSUl'li r is not to say that there is nothing that is not relative in the social philosophy of Confucianism. 'I1le reason for this is that the society of ancient Greece allel ancient China, though different, both belong to the general category which we call society. Theories which are the theoretical expression of Greek or Chinese society, are thus also in part expressions of society in general. Though there is in them something that pertains only to Greek or Chinese societies per se, there mllst also be something more universal that pertains to society in general.

According to Plato, in an ideal state, the philosopher should be the I THE Sl'llH'f 01' CIIINESH l'IIlLOSOl'HY 9 king or the king should be a philosopher; and in order to become a philosopher, n man must undergo a long period of philosophicallrainiog before his mind can be "converted" from the world of changing things to the world of eternal ideas. TI1l1S according to Plato, as according to the Chinese philosophers, the task of philosophy is to enable man to have the, character of sageJiness within and kingliness without.

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