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42 Then a 36-year-old Harvard pathologist and anti-aging researcher, he was working on another life-span-regulating gene called SIRT1. Sinclair theorized that this gene might be responsible for the beneficial effects of caloric restriction — the reduction of calories that in many organisms makes them healthier and longer-lived, apparently as a defense mechanism to allow for survival during times of stress. 43 Sinclair suggested that this chemical, which naturally occurs in the skin of grapes, works by activating the SIRT1 gene.

From the relevant neurons that were read and decoded by software and translated into commands to move the cursor. This contraption is a long way from the dream of some ageonauts to one day extend their life span by using durable machine parts to replace or augment their more delicate or damaged biology, but it’s at least a baby step toward a day when machines and brains may work more as one. Called BrainGate, the system hooked up to Matthew Nagle came from a team led by neuroscientist John Donoghue of Brown University.

He played Pong, turned the lights on and off, and changed the channels on a television — simple things for an intact person, but after his injury impossible for Nagle. ” Matthew Nagle’s brain was literally wired to a computer, using an array of 100 hair-thin electrodes surgically implanted on a chip inside his skull. unpublished brain that would command his limbs to move if they still worked. A technician asked Nagle to imagine moving his arm to the left or the right. He did, and the electrode captured signals — pop!

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