Gilbert Harman, Ernest Lepore's A Companion to W. V. O. Quine PDF

By Gilbert Harman, Ernest Lepore

ISBN-10: 0470672102

ISBN-13: 9780470672105

This spouse brings jointly a group of major figures in modern philosophy to supply an in-depth exposition and research of Quine’s huge effect throughout philosophy’s many subfields, highlighting the breadth of his paintings, and revealing his endured value today.

  • Provides an in-depth account and research of W.V.O. Quine’s contribution to American Philosophy, and his place as one of many overdue twentieth-century’s so much influential analytic philosophers
  • Brings jointly newly-commissioned essays by way of prime figures inside of modern philosophy
  • Covers Quine’s paintings throughout philosophy of common sense, philosophy of language, ontology and metaphysics, epistemology, and more
  • Explores his paintings on the subject of the origins of analytic philosophy in the US, and to the background of philosophy extra broadly
  • Highlights the breadth of Quine’s paintings around the self-discipline, and demonstrates the ongoing effect of his paintings in the philosophical community

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Carnap, Rudolf (1937b). The Logical Syntax of Language. London: K. , Ltd. Carnap, Rudolf (1950). Logical Foundations of Probability. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. Carnap, Rudolf (1963). Intellectual Autobiography. A. ). The Philosophy of Rudolf Carnap (1–84). LaSalle, IL: Open Court. Foley, Richard (1987). The Theory of Epistemic Rationality. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press. Frege, Gottlob (1884 [1980]). The Foundations of Arithmetic. Evanston, IL: Northwestern University Press.

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But is this really an analytic proposition? Is Ayer’s claim “true solely in virtue of the meaning of its constituent symbols”? Does it lack “factual content”? It seems not. 6 But even if these were “logical facts,” it is hardly a logical fact that no conceivable observations would make us reject them. ╇ Quine on Analyticity In any case, the earlier empiricist position, exemplified by Ayer, may still be fairly popular. 8 But everyone has not yet accepted Quine’s criticism. Perhaps a majority of contemporary philosophers has not been persuaded by it.

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