Hans Volker Klapdor-Kleingrothaus's 60 Years of Double Beta Decay PDF

By Hans Volker Klapdor-Kleingrothaus

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Nuclear double beta decay is without doubt one of the so much promising instruments for probing beyond-the-standard-model physics on beyond-accelerator strength scales. it's already now probing the TeV scale, on which new physics should still present itself in response to theoretical expectancies. merely within the early Eighties was once it recognized that double beta decay yields details at the Majorana mass of the exchanged neutrino. at the present, the sharpest certain for the electron neutrino mass arises from this procedure. it is just within the final 10 years that the even more far-reaching strength of double beta decay has been found. this day, the opportunity of double beta decay features a extensive diversity of themes which are both correct to particle physics and astrophysics, akin to plenty of heavy neutrinos, of sneutrinos, as SUSY types, compositeness, leptoquarks, left-right symmetric versions, and exams of Lorentz symmetry and equivalence precept within the neutrino region. Double beta decay has turn into necessary these days for fixing the matter of the neutrino mass spectrum and the constitution of the neutrino mass matrix - including current and destiny sunlight and atmospheric neutrino oscillation experiments. a few destiny double beta experiments (like Genius) could be able to be at the same time neutrino observatories for double beta decay and low-energy sunlight neutrinos, and observatories for chilly darkish topic of final sensitivity. This useful e-book outlines the advance of double beta study from its beginnings until eventually its most up-to-date achievements, and likewise provides the outlook for its hugely intriguing destiny.

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The motivation of M. Goeppert-Mayer (Fig. 2) [Goe35*-I], however, when performing the first calculations of the half-life of double beta decay, was not the nature of the neutrino, not conservation of leptons, but the stability of even-even nuclei over geological time. Applying the new Fermi theory of beta decay [Fer34**-I], to the two-neutrino 3 From the Early Days until the Gauge Theory Era DATE 1997 19862000 DISCOVERY Extension to SUSY: Ov/3/3 < = • EXPLOSION OF P O T E N T I A L FOR PARTICLE PHYSICS Oi/0/3 Probe of SUSYs, Leptoquarks, Compositeness...

19). It has been realized by T. Kotani and coworkers [Doi80j, that since the electron-neutrino can be an admixture of two or more mass eigenstates, the mass eigenstates will contribute coherently to the amplitude of neutrinoless double beta decay. Since the relative phases of these contributions depend on the relative CP eigenvalues of the states, there can be, as pointed out by L. Wolfenstein [W6181], large cancellations in the transition amplitude produced by the 'effective mass5 (m„) triggering the transition.

2 existence of the Majoron The potential contribution leptoquark masses and models Mechanism of (B-L) breaking -explicit -spontaneous breaking of the local/global B-L symmetry new Majoron models of double 0 decay to particle physics and cosmology Pig. 3 Maria Goeppert-Mayer (left), who first investigated (theoretically) in 1935, 2i/ double 0 decay, and Ettore Majorana, 1932. known to occur naturally, beta plus emitters had only just been observed by F. Joliot and I. Curie [Jol34]. C. Wick recognized in 1934 that the neutral particles associated with the two processes could be different, and de Broglie introduced the term antineutrino (see [Jol34], [Wic34]), but it was not until the work of Majorana [Maj37**-I], and its elaboration by G.

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