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By Richard W. Kroon

Because the invention of the stereoscope in 1830, stereoscopic 3D has remained at the leading edge of the media and leisure undefined. each 20 to 30 years, a brand new new release rediscovers stereo filmmaking, fueling its resurgence with extra twists brought through the technological developments of the intervening years. This encyclopedic dictionary deals a definitive compilation of data at the artwork and technological know-how of stereoscopic 3D, together with nonetheless and relocating photos; movie and electronic photograph acquisition; creation, post-production, distribution, and exhibition; and human visible conception. as well as usual dictionary definitions, it contains many prolonged encyclopedic entries and approximately three hundred black-and-white and colour illustrations. Taking the secret out of 3D's certain language, the paintings presents a foundation for transparent conversation between pros and ancient context for these new to the self-discipline.

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Color 1. Any hue distinguished from black, gray, or white; the wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum perceived by the human eye to be visible light of various colors (the visible spectrum) ranging from red through orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet and every color in between. Just beneath the range of human vision is infrared. Above human vision is ultraviolet (black light). 2. One of the parameters of binocular symmetry. In a stereogram, the left- 33 and right-eye images differ due to horizontal disparity (parallax), but may share a number of other characteristics, including focus, geometry, illumination, registration, and temporal symmetry.

See binocular disparity image in color section. binocular free-viewing; binocular freevision See free-viewing. binocular fusion See fusion. binocular luster; binocular lustre 1. A difference in the reflective brightness of an object in leftand right-eye images. Such objects, when fused into a single 3D view by the human vision system, appear to have a shiny, or lustrous appearance. This is a natural phenomenon often associated with the surface reflections of metal or polished gemstones and is caused by differences in the amount of light reflected into each eye.

See stereo blind. Compare accommodative insufficiency; amblyopia; diplopia; convergence insufficiency; strabismus. black-and-white anaglyph See anaglyph, blackand-white. black light See ultraviolet. bleeding See crosstalk. Compare stereo extinction ratio. blending; blend; depth ~ Also cut-cushioning. See convergence animation. blockiness See pixelation. Blu-ray; ~ disc; BD A 4 3 ⁄4" (12 cm) high-capacity optical disc standard, introduced in June 2006 with support for high-definition (HD) video and the larger storage capacity that HD material requires.

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