Brian Speed, Keith Gordon, Kevin Evans's 2tier-foundation for Edexcel A PDF

By Brian Speed, Keith Gordon, Kevin Evans

ISBN-10: 0007215622

ISBN-13: 9780007215621

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Numbers to the right of any number on the number line are always bigger than that number. Numbers to the left of any number on the number line are always smaller than that number. qxd 14/03/06 14:29 Page 54 CHAPTER 3: NEGATIVE NUMBERS So, for example, you can see from a number line that: 2 is smaller than 5 because 2 is to the left of 5. You can write this as 2 < 5. –3 is smaller than 2 because –3 is to the left of 2. You can write this as –3 < 2. 7 is bigger than 3 because 7 is to the right of 3.

Converting mixed numbers Key the mixed number 2–34 into your calculator. The display will look like this. qxd 13/03/06 14:17 Page 35 CHAPTER 2: FRACTIONS –4–. This represents the top-heavy fraction 11 Write down the result. 2 11 3 = 4 4 • Now key at least ten more mixed numbers and convert them to top-heavy –– or 17 32 –11– . fractions. Keep your numbers sensible. For example, don’t use 8 16 19 • Write down your results. • Look at your results. Can you see a way of converting a mixed number to a top-heavy fraction without using a calculator?

Summit 3420 m Camp 4 Camp 3 3200 m 2750 m Camp 2 2350 m Camp 1 To help him move supplies about, Chris needs a chart of the differences between the heights of the camps and caves. Help him by copying the chart below into your book and filling it in. 2 In this section you will learn about: ● using positive and negative numbers in everyday life Key words after before below loss negative number profit You meet negative numbers often in winter when the temperature falls below freezing (0 °C). Negative numbers are less than 0.

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