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By Martin Cohen

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They are against the proposals even now. At this impasse the poor Marjonians walk out of the Council and carry out the irrigation scheme by force. Is that justified? 24 Problem 19 The Lost Kingdom and the pesky-fly problem II Afterwards, the Community Council changes and accepts the principle of ‘majority’ decision-making. In a few years, people quite forget how they used to think everything had to be done by unanimity. Clearly, a majority is good enough to ensure fair treatment. And so it seems for the next few years.

They point out that, anyway, if the food was shared out, there would probably still not be enough. And the same objection that floored the proposal before—that no one would bother toiling in the plantations if they did not keep the benefit of their labour—is repeated. The Community Council is unable to reach a consensus, so the poorer Marjonians are left to continue scratching out a living in more and more difficult conditions. But, as the Chair of the Community Council says, it is more important that the principle of nobody being forced to do things against their wishes is preserved, than that some Marjonians suffer a little hardship.

This, he says, shows that there is an element of weighing up competing interests and, the fact is, the class had agreed with him that the risk of the dog drowning was not enough to justify making a hundred students miss their lecture. In moral decisions, the Professor says sententiously, we need to have a system for weighing up rival elements. The students stage a mass boycott of his ethics lectures, spray-painting ‘Ethics is more than just theories’ on the outside of the lecture theatre. Is Prof.

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