Is an ideal system in which whole process of creating, producing, broadcasting and archiving of sound files are defined and performed by concerned users. For all sound resources, low resolution formats are considered for preview besides
high resolution formats which are suitable for broadcasting and metadata are attached to provide users a quick access to materials.
Automated workflow, Uses the server processing to convert between file formats Simple interface proportionate to users’ access levels. Messages and alarms to accelerate information transfer.
creating groups of operations, defining users and roles for different groups of users, assigning an operation (access permission) or a group of operations to a user or a group of users and repeal of some accesses are some available abilities that increase the administrator control and centralized management.
The administration is applied to all parts of the system.
Aims to maximize the value added to organization product rights and provide the necessary tools to handle large amounts of data, and transfer huge inventory of video tapes to digital image and the possibility of recovery and make it searchable, as well as export the data in standard format, Transcoding video.
Plan scheduling daily and weekly of channel programs.
This is our software it’s based on a strong commitment to research and development as well as industry-wide standards, and addresses both customers’ business and technology demand.


It makes integration with Playout and be manual or automatic update items in playlist.
Update of on-air playlists, All broadcast formats supported, Fully compatible with broadcast standards, Resource preview at any time, work as a production studio
Access to metadata and Low Res in a professional workflow.
DropDown Template
Give you two ways to create new Dropdown first is manual, second automatic by Schedule process “Dropdown task”.
Example: Create new Dropdown manually, You select dropdown from drop down list that filled from current template on your section and online date. Create new Dropdown automatically from Schedule Task for every dropdown related to Section or Department.
Reorder Programs and Dropdown by Drag and Drop.
DeadLine and Duration Times when program start running and duration time.
ADV’s status used for validation when adding advertise to program.
Location of program in TV Schedule printing template table

Issue Templates
Issue Templates Issue Templates

TV Schedule

Is designed to easily automate repetitive events. Enabling to create and edit schedules many days and weeks in advance. manage workflow and roles of employees and departments at Dropdown contents(Video, Image, Article, ADV’s…)

TV Schedule

Archive and Video MGM

Archiving begins from the moment of creation, ingesting, get it from advertiser or reporter or from news agencies and when you record raw video footage on a camera. At this key stage, there is important information about the video that must be captured to enable identification, authentication and use of the video later on. Collect, index (meta-tags), catalogue, retrieve and distribute rich digital media content regardless of file format.
Supporting different media types (video, audio, photo). Search/browse the authroized material stored in the archive and view associated metadata.
Automatic or manual Backup.
Supports various video formats.
Hierarchical storage management(HSM).
Supports several archives at the same time.
XML Export/Import
Enter additional metadata and edit existing metadata.

Archive Archive

Transcoding Engine

Built-in multi profile transcode engine provides ability to create automatic Proxy files and various other formats suitable for broadcast requirements. Standard conversion, aspect ratio conversion, HD<>SD

Powerful WorkFlow Architecture

Automated workflow, Uses the server processing to convert between file formats Simple interface proportionate to users’ access levels. Messages and alarms to accelerate information transfer.
creating groups of operations, defining users and roles for different groups of users, assigning an operation (access permission) or a group of operations to a user or a group of users and repeal of some accesses are some available abilities that increase the administrator control and centralized management.
Setting up editorial and production workflows made easy It not only adds content notifications and review process, but also gives the ability to create custom status posts and groups for your users with full customization. You ensure that your editorial elements are processed and approved in a consistent and efficient manner. With multi production,channels and editions workflow.
Improves workflow efficiency and facilitates speedy non-scheduled access to media.
, managing the digital media workflow and maximizing our customers’ return on assets.
Create low-res files of all content at ingest to enable quick searches on even complex queries, and efficient management and use of the content.
Produce and publish news in the least time in competition with the other news agencies. accomplished this dream and now is available for news teams, reliable and efficient tool to help news producers do their works quickly and with the least expenses. And this is a result of designing system in presence of news directors, video archiving.


Processor and Controller

Scheduling Process with full Time Management including tasks required for harvest wire-news,Email,RSS,SMS and make them searchable with validation and classifying its content for Arabic and English and any other languages dictionaries, automatic or manual page issues, full managed and integrated with Advertisement view and booking ADV , reporting support.
Receives news from more different news sources.
Receiving news from satellite, agencies, sms, RSS, internet and ftp.



You need actions to build your business workflow. make a relevant actions to be available to every user business. examples of what this action do (change of classification, category, status, accesslevel, publish, approve, close…)


Email Management

Enabling you to securely store, manage and retrieve email content and ensure regulatory compliance
The escalating cost of your Microsoft or Lotus email system, as you purchase additional servers to counter diminished performance and dwindling storage space, and struggle to plan and execute backups. The inability to assess identifies, manage, and destroy the business content stored in email records in accordance with regulations and internal policies. The frustration of users who are deleting important content in order to meet imposed mailbox storage limits.

Send items as Email
Send Item(Article, Picture, Wires, Assets,…) As Email
View and control organization and department’s mailbox

Data management and Search Engine

The ability to index large quantities of documents and able to handle peak demand loads. Powerful search capabilities that will permit organization to categorize their growing. with simple and advanced search tools for authorized users. Automated metadata extraction from image, video, audio,.. . Contextual information automatically by analyzing and classify text using standard taxonomies and standard subject codes dictionaries like IPTC, NAIC,.. and to make it as easy to find and valuable to use as possible. Also help discern relevant and insightful keywords, topics, summaries.

simple search simple search

Industry standards

this is our software it’s based on a strong commitment to research and development as well as industry-wide standards, and addresses both customers’ business and technology demand.

IPTC Taxonomies Properties Properties

Export Data

Export your items as packages to a variety of formats, including: “CSV, XML, NITF, NewsML,..” and any files types “Images, Pdf, Incopy, Indesign, Video, Audio,..”

Ease of Use

Browser-based user interface

TVMng has been built to work with all of the latest web-browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple’s Safari and Internet Explorer 7+.

Several content preview

View news in several content preview(Explorer view displays a hierarchical tree view of the subitems in the selected item, Preview view displays significant data and image preview, Thumbnail view thumbnail gallery with zooming,Calendar view a brief of item names During the period).

easeofuse easeofuse


Navigation between multiple customized Workbench that contain multiple panes with many pallets according to user requirements. you can navigate directly to the folder that contains the items you are interested in. You can also open a search that you’ve saved. And using advanced search. With drag and drop you can create and move content package(Layout-Article-Images-..). Preview Assets like videos or as embedded Internet object.


Menu bar at the top of the TVMng user interface contains six menus plus custom menus.

Contextual menusDifferent features are available in different contexts as you work in different situations. In various places on screen, you can right-click (PC) or Ctrl+click (Mac) your mouse to view a contextual menu. Contextual menus offer shortcuts to features that are relevant and automatically changed in the given context and its type , status , properties and also current user access rights.
In the Article list select item or more, right-click or Ctrl+click. The menu that appears is relevant in the given context. It offers quick ways to run actions like publish.


Custom Window (Workbench)

Organize window pallets (add, remove, reorder) an pallets to suit different groups of workers. Administrator create and allocate Workbench to users

browser browser

Drag and Drop

With drag and drop you can create and move content package with Real-time visibility to the latest version of every production page and its elements and can be seen on large screens in the newsroom.


Custom Form

Administrator create custom properties to suit different groups of workers and apply them to element types.

custom template
element properties story editor


TVMng is ideal for work in multiple languages. As well as being able to select the appropriate language for the user interface, you can also enter and store your data in multiple languages. Your catalogue data will be searchable in all the languages you enter.

multi language

Messaging and Notifications

Receive message notifications by messaging system, Email, SMS before you exceed your issue or page deadline so you can make necessary changes along the way. Also for reminder about looking incoming wires or article from others, and for remind by planning duo times.

Escalation Processes

To raise actions issues to higher authorities for timely resolution. An escalation process ensures that the next level of management is informed (often within a specific period of time), if an action cannot be done at the lower level.


custom template

Note Message

custom template

Notification Manager

custom template


Add a way to Highlight/Color items for specific condition. Highlighting the differences would help to find out what’s interest to you.


Multiple Digital Editions

Multi-channel Multi-Product Multi-edition

TVMng has been built to Publish content for deferent channels, products, Editions . Channels is deferent market segment types. Editors can work for TV, web, mobile and paper and to deferent geographic issues. Media companies must produce content for more products and multiple channels. It designed to maximize efficiencies and make collaboration simple and to use of all available resources. In today’s dynamic world of publishing development, new technologies are being introduced at a rapid rate. Publish content for deferent Channels. Editors can work for web, mobile and paper and to deferent geographic issues. Newsrooms produce content for multiple media: print, radio, television, the internet and others. Unique workflows can be defined for each output category, and can include one or more channels for each article.

Many publications want to repurpose live content. Newspapers use channeled editions to target other smaller markets. Media companies with several magazines can use this to share content as well. channeled for web, web mobile, phone, tablet, societies media and print.
An article can be a channeled as master or it can be as child article. The master article will dictate headline and body boxes updates to the child article. The child article can be independently elaborated, and at some point, can also be detached from its relationship to the master article.
Copy Related Child Create a child copy from article and change channeled for main article to master and child to Related child. Article will dictate all content updates to the child article.
Copy UnRelated Child Create a child copy from article and change channeled for main article to master and child to UnRelated child. a child article will be independently elaborated.

Multi channel

Security and Roles

Centralized Job-levels

Users can view a centralized section and user list to view the items and edit or approvals assigned to them. This Job-levels is setting up to editorial dep hierarchy and job-level for every user in organization.

Version and History

allows you to track all changes happened of a specific item as versions and history of all actions running to it. This allows you to analyze and determine if changes need to be made to your workflow to improve efficiency.


Users Roles and privilege

TVMng Configure Users Roles, and manage user profiles and groups and subgroups. Filters and Worksets a great to control visibility of Items with additional flexibility when creating view filters for items. every user or group have Read/Write security on items according to item status in workflow. With Alerts You can apply color alerts for items display in filters, according to criteria.



A number of items that are intended for publication together or have content that is related can be grouped together in one news package.
The items remain together when sent, published, export, change workflow location.
Create a Group of Items
In the Article list, press Ctrl and select each of the items that you wish to group together.
Select Edit on the menu bar and then Group->Group in the menu that appears. Alternatively right-click and click Grouping->Group in the menu that appears. A Create group window appears. for select main item from selected items and Apply
Remove Link to remove item from group
UnGroup to remove all group relation


Publish Online

TVMng built with a complete set of tools to be a leader in Tablet Publishing “How can we present editorial content on new devices like the iPad and How we can Edit and Publish and make content more appealing?” Automatic and manual Publish for selected content Package (text content, image, video,..) immediately to web, mobile, Tablets, RSS feeds , SMS, Email and Societies media(Facebook, Twitter, Google’s..). with Custom Templates Integrated with most CMS in web. From anywhere you can Manage, Edit, View, Search and Publish Content from iPad, iPhone and Android .

publish on line


Flip through the Newspaper news in a beautiful magazine designed for your Android phone and tablet. Once you pick a few topics, you can instantly start flipping through the pages of news you care about and stories, videos, and add your advertisement.

MEESReader MEESReader MEESReader


Display list of collected categories that can incorporate text, videos, layouts, adv’s, plans and archived data, user can edit or even create news items to be published on Facebook, Twitter, .. or to send to his boss, or execute any other configured actions.
- Track the progress of content in Newsroom.
- Breaking news and Headlines at the moment.
- Create and edit new articles as will as view and add comments
- Publish item to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Internet, Email, SMS..
- Classify item by change category, status, access level ,..
- Send Notes on items

MEEStudio MEEStudio MEEStudio



Story Editor

TVMng : Built in System News Editor with view setup and customized forms that make you use default or invent new addition of metadata, Create content packages and publish it for one or multiple media. Copy and merge articles to new article based on selected article. Insert captions , Drag Images to Article and Layouts to create Page and submit approved items to Production and Proofreaders, finally publish to Layout all that with full customized WorkFlow, also sharing content lets writers and editors simultaneously develop their individual stories during other sections work on same items.
Publish Online
The Story Editor allows you to manage your magazines or newspaper on Phone or Tablet. Rearrange and delete items, add Articles, Images, Videos, Advertisement

Story Editor

Photo Editor

Upload Images and Extracts Metadata, Insert captions. Manipulating Images(Cropping, Add Watermark , Resize).

Set Caption
Attach Picture to Article and Create a Caption, Drag-and-drop the picture onto the article. run select picture from list and run Set Caption window popup enter the caption and clisk Save button.

Photo Editor

Asset Management

You know rich media is pervasive in organizations: film, video, audio, Office documents, XML files, embedded Internet objects, Websites Links , Email Attachments, optical Digital Assets and on and on.
Every department and business unit has rich media assets and the amount and size of the assets continues growing. Asset management including rapid search with simple keywords, secure access, finding and tracking your documents, Automatically and Manual Archive.
We provide assist in the re-purposing of the assets and their enhanced restoration and media conversions.
You are given access to assets from Phone, Tablet, Web with secure communication from anywhere in the world that has an Internet connection

multi language

Time Management

Is to be able to track the progress of content. where one can choose which news events should be covered, when, by whom and using which resources.

Using Custom plan type and properties “task, meeting, appointment, idea, event,…”. Remind and Recurrence with the notifications message via console message, email, SMS. Attendances or participates, with time frame and defined goals. Back to plan history and Review with flow each plan topics and assigned tasks status. Relate plan with any other elements like Article, Layout, Assets, Photo booking, Resources, …

Task Workflow
resources allocation

Advertising Management

Through connection to the ad booking systems, will completely automates the production of pages that are reserved for specific pages locations or colored pages or optional with other ads.
These pages are automatically composed and submitted for final approval and output.

Shift Groups

Schedule types represent the different shifts that employees can work in the company
there are a variety of different working arrangements. Find out about the different ways of working, and how more flexible working arrangements make it easier for you to find the right fit between the demands of your company tasks and life of employee’s.
Registration working groups, which allow permanent employment or working on specific periods and follow the movement of the employee vacations, sick and mandates and tasks of the work in the graphic image to facilitate the development of plans and the distribution of tasks and scheduling vacations and Evaluation of staff.

Graph display Schedule staff Shift Groups, planned Calendar and resource allocations. Manage time, Zoom in/out to control appearance with color positions for different status.
Minimize time you spend on creating, circulating, and maintaining work sheet of employees, shift, and job rotation schedules. You can view Daily work performed by your staff, their planned Calendar, Shift and Task assignments. Will helps you from over staffing or scheduling conflicts and minimize your staff,resource costs. and you can calculate or forecast their productivity, their absence and required staffing , resources.

Shift groups
Duty Roster resources allocation

Resource Management

Users and Resource Allocations. Automate resource management requests and bookings with customizable workflows and Approval. You can make sure that the right resources are working on the right task. Accurately forecast resources needs “Cameras, Cars ,.. ” and improve utilization rates.


Reporting is a comprehensive solution to render reports includes a complete set of tools to build reports that meet the most severe requirements. Powerful system of exporting reports, which supports many different types of formats. You can Using System Reports. You can build simple and Generate a complex reports.
System Reports
Many Readymade reports by groups. Like General, Production, Planning, Administration.
Custom Report
Using report designer like iReport or any report designer integrated with JasperReports. That giving your IT staff the ability to generate a complex report quickly and efficiently.
Report Generator
User is able to create a new report that not available in the system’s reports. Selecting the required fields to be appeared in the created report by choosing this fields. User can add conditions to be applied on the selected data. Also is allowed to save a new report condition’s to new name and add it to report menu.