Is to be able to track the progress of content. where one can choose which news events should be covered, when, by whom and using which resources.
Using Custom plan type and properties “task, meeting, appointment, idea, event,…”. Remind and Recurrence with the notifications message via console message, email, SMS. Attendances or participates, with time frame and defined goals. Back to plan history and Review with flow each plan topics and assigned tasks status. Relate plan with any other elements like Article, Layout, Assets, Photo booking, Resources, …

Prepare and Take Actions


Prepared topics before plan start and actions that taken in that plan. Make Actions and assign Sub tasks. Do some actions after or before plan. Like create Article. Status for every creator or submitter or receiver. Attach Files Add blueprints, presentations, statements of work, or any files you need to your plan.



Activity that has to be done. A task has one or more persons responsible for carrying out the task or supervising its execution. Tasks may have an estimated duration and a deadline when the task is due that mean limited time frame and a defined goal. Tasks may be further split up in SubTasks.


With Subtasks, you can identify the parts of a task each person has responsibility for, and assign those Subtasks to their respective owners. This enables each person to see the task in their Inbox view, while you can assign to multiple people

Task lifecycle

For example, a task about writing a blog post might start assigned to person who is writing it, and then gets assigned to someone else to review the task, and then gets assigned to a third person to post it.This technique is useful when the task has a sequential lifecycle and for situations like celebrity tracking where the task represents a some celebrity , and the current assignee is the person who’s responsible for the next step.


The most important step in holding a successful meeting is planning. This includes determining who should attend, who will run the meeting, and what will be discussed. Before the meeting, finalize a list of attendees. Some meeting You do it each morning or in the evening that need to organize with reminder and recurrence.
All meetings should have a written or unwritten agenda. The completed agenda would be shared with all participants in advance of the meeting so they are clear on the purpose and expected outcomes. Allows participants to record key agreements and action steps.
Before meeting accountability a meeting leader needs to Archive meeting documents After meeting you should “put everything on the table” assign Tasks needed and track action assigned in a meeting. should record all topics actions and assign Tasks needed to each responser and flow it.


To organize events of different types (private dates, telephone conferences, contact,..). An appointment is described by at least a date and a name. Besides name, date and eventual participants, you may provide additional information about the appointment like a category, a description or a location.
The appointment feature lets you set one period of time on your calendar, divided into available time for people to reserve.
The ability to manage and fill your appointment book is critical to your business. With Appointment others people can book an appointment with you whenever they want, day or night. No more lost for good stories because of missed phone calls or emails. Your writers can also cancel or reschedule, all on their own.

Resource Management

Users and Resource Allocations. Automate resource management requests and bookings with customizable workflows and Approval. You can make sure that the right resources are working on the right task. Accurately forecast resources needs “Cameras, Cars ,.. ” and improve utilization rates.
Graph display Schedule staff Shift Groups, planned Calendar and resource allocations. Manage time, Zoom in/out to control appearance with color positions for different status.
Minimize time you spend on creating, circulating, and maintaining work sheet of employees, shift, and job rotation schedules. You can view Daily work performed by your staff, their planned Calendar, Shift and Task assignments. Will helps you from over staffing or scheduling conflicts and minimize your staff,resource costs. and you can calculate or forecast their productivity, their absence and required staffing , resources.

Photographer Management

Photo booking workflow orders and contacts with Approval from editorial and photographer Dept’s and flow every trip result and completion status. For all types of photographers, from one-person businesses to studios with several staff. Makes it easy to manage your image files, Adding watermark,Cropping and editing photos, publish and archive.