Why Archive?

 Archiveis Java-based technology tools for indexing and search , advanced analysis/tokenization,stemming capabilities indexer “Arabic, english,..” for improved performance and scalability of use. and Helps reduce cost, improve operational efficiency and manage risk with its index and search function that also cover all needs for Archivists and Editors.

Archive aims to maximize the value added for publisher products and its rights by organized maintaining the interconnected elements, topics and events. provide tools needed to handle large amounts of data.

The archive enabling editors and Archivists to classification and share content and reuse material and build custom archive elements for any contents in different formats include video,audio,.. and any other assets with indexable metadata.

Information exchange in Archivebased on a common communication format (data structure standard) that would carry the data they sought to exchange like IPTC , NITF, NewsML , AdsML ,XMP and RDF And a common sets of rules (content standards) that would govern how the information was going to be entered into the format.

Users can search and browse archive content in any format “txt, pdf, indesign, incopy, ..” with simple and advanced customized search options and view related items with the ability to download it or convert it to reuse it in editorial and republish it to print or web.

Editorial Archive

 Archive Store and perfectly retrieve the content of your publications, from today’s newspaper to everything that you ever published.
It is good to know that whatever you published will be archived forever and is readily available to anybody who needs it, including Internet portals and third party databases for syndication of your content.
The editorial archive makes every article available in formatted text or incopy, also all it’s attached images , also Pages as a PDF and Indesign files with high-quality printing. for every article there is a direct link to the page and from every page there are links to the articles.

Information System

 Archive aims to maximize the value added for publisher effective and efficient utilization of information technology by individuals, groups, organizations, society, and nations for the improvement of economic and social welfare Archivegives you the capability to extend your catalogue, for example, by adding new fields and/or indexes.



Archive groups, organizations, society, Historical Events and nations


It was created to maintain complete information about all Polish archive collections to make them fully accessible online.
A storage repository for all types of content and attached files and all kind of assets.
Enables to index and search archived information using custom searching catalogs, that Enables users and administrators to locate archived data quickly, saving labor time and costs

Digital Assets Archiving

You know rich media is pervasive in organizations: film, videom, audion, Office documents, XML files, embedded Internet objects, Websites Links , Email Attachments, optical Digital Assets and on and on.
Every department and business unit has rich media assets and the amount and size of the assets continues growing. Asset management including rapid search with simple keywords, secure access access , finding and tracking your documents, Automatically and Manual Archive.
We provide assist in the re-purposing of the assets and their enhanced restoration and media conversions.
You are given access to assets from Phone, Tablet, Web with secure communication from anywhere in the world that has an Internet connection.

Document Scanning

We work with you to develop a scalable and efficient digital document management processes for your respective organization or the specific project. The processes are designed to capture, archive, search and retrieve information from multiple venues within your organization.